Final Triptic

Contemplating keeping the energy lines for the final print A2 format or take them off. It works in a small format, however not sure it would in a print based large format.


Vertical and Horizontals..

The following question is verticals versus horizontals. Which pose embraces the architectural characteristics while showing contrast but symmetry.

In the first two visuals, we can observe the difference of mood/setting between a horizontal and a vertical replica of the architecture. The columns hold a harsh straight and a straight body would enhance that harshness which is not what I am trying to portray. The second option of a horizontal pose assists the columns while showing contrast in setting.

In the third and the fourth visuals, one yoga pose attempts to follow the V of the bridge while the second yoga pose mirrors it. Are we representing replication or harmony? Can contrast and harmony subsist? After more research, I came to the conclusion that harmony and contrast do coexist which is the true representation of this final piece. We are yoga, yoga is amongst us, it is everywhere because it is inside us. Our surroundings will adapt to our mental and physical state during yoga.

“We could say that meditation doesn’t have a reason or doesn’t have a purpose. In this respect it’s unlike almost all other things we do except perhaps making music and dancing. When we make music we don’t do it in order to reach a certain point, such as the end of the composition. If that were the purpose of music then obviously the fastest players would be the best. Also, when we are dancing we are not aiming to arrive at a particular place on the floor as in a journey. When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point. And exactly the same thing is true in meditation. Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment.” –Alan Watts

Secondary photoshoot for final piece

Working on the yoga poses rather than the environment, tried to capture the movement. Realized that the environment is just as important, if not more than the yogawear design of each yoga practice chosen. This realization brought another angle to the final project and I had to organize a new photoshoot where the architecture would replicate the yoga poses and the various yoga practices.

First photoshoot for the final project

The First photoshoot went well, I decided to move from fitness to yoga and focus on the accessibility of yoga around us as individuals and how it is part of each of us.

Moving forward, thought the main focus would be on the yogawear which would be designed by picking the 3 or 4 main forms of yoga. This would be a conceptual project, representing the different practices of yoga into clothing. Unfortunately, after talking to designers and looking at potential production, it became clear that I would simply not be able to design a physical prototype of the yogawear. It would therefore have to be a mock up.

After a tutorial feedback from Phil and Malcom, I realized the location of the photos was just as important as the poses induced. This opened up a different angle to the project and made me realize that maybe the location was more important that the yogawear itself. The location would represent the yoga positions, the yoga positions would copy the architecture around us, to show that yoga is everywhere and in all of us, whether it’s in a urban area or the middle of the city. Yoga does not always have to be on the beach or in a garden. Suggesting that the mental state is more important than your surroundings.

Tutorial With Alice summary

Look at Kate Cooper, artist. Exhibition called RIGGED

Looking at position the female body has occupied in history and digital imagery technology.

Sport England campaigns. ” this girl can” campaign

Socia design: AIGA- design for good

Interview questions- boardsports

Ethics of interview questions. Open and closed questions. Test your questionnaire on a few people first then review the result.

Other opinion: consider another strand of questionnaire for the ‘every girl’ such as kitesurfing students aspiring surfers who are not currently in the industry but who aspire to be. Could only be one question about what board sports mean to them, how it’s changing their lives. honest, positive question. To inspire the general population to get involved in the board sport industry from a personal point of view.

I coud go for the ‘ light touch’ angle like most brand campaigns today such as Always, Unilever, and the Dove project.


Is there potentially something I could do as an event in order to promote SOLIDARITY. Could be a talk to students in school to inspire them to get involved.