When it comes to editing, is less more or is more less! It would depend on the mood or which particular section of the photograph needing focus. It can also set the mood, on the left side the light is more prominent, showing more details of the architecture. However is the focus merely on the architecture and not the yoga pose?

On the right side, the mood has changed, the architecture/environment is perceived as rough, darker, more brutal. The vertical lines are enhanced which give more focus on the contrast between the elegance of yoga and the roughness of the surroundings.

The question I am now asking myself is the following: which edit is more adequate for what I would like to express?


Yoga poses versus Architecture

Slight tweak in the pose, trying to figure out which pose reflects the architecture in the best way. Are we focusing on the exact replication of lines or on the contrary, would it not be preferential to create contrast in symmetry.

Tutorial With Alice summary

Look at Kate Cooper, artist. Exhibition called RIGGED

Looking at position the female body has occupied in history and digital imagery technology.

Sport England campaigns. ” this girl can” campaign

Socia design: AIGA- design for good

Interview questions- boardsports

Ethics of interview questions. Open and closed questions. Test your questionnaire on a few people first then review the result.

Other opinion: consider another strand of questionnaire for the ‘every girl’ such as kitesurfing students aspiring surfers who are not currently in the industry but who aspire to be. Could only be one question about what board sports mean to them, how it’s changing their lives. honest, positive question. To inspire the general population to get involved in the board sport industry from a personal point of view.

I coud go for the ‘ light touch’ angle like most brand campaigns today such as Always, Unilever, and the Dove project.


Is there potentially something I could do as an event in order to promote SOLIDARITY. Could be a talk to students in school to inspire them to get involved.